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No Rly, dat was so kool? How you make that in only a month?!?! You must be crazy good! You should teach me how to flash!! ^_^

Quite Nice

I liked it, plain and simple... The music was a nice touch, both songs ;)

As far as improvements, You could beef up the graphics in a few places like the entrance scene and when the cube first leaves. Other than that, graphics were excellent, and I especially liked what you did with the view points in the jet fighting scene!

Flameviper responds:

Thanks. This was my first Flash, so I was just learning how to use things (of course, by the end I was a master). Have a nice day! :)

Pretty Good,

At least is didn't suck by any means... was the music from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or River City Ransom for NES?

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I ran all the way to the left, jumped, and fell out of the map. The art style and sound were good though.

The dog episode...

It makes me cry... Realy, nothing else in the world makes me cry, except for that episode, especialy in the end when they play the song, and the dog waits there for years for him, until it dies... The tears are coming on, so I have to go... Good Job...

bkdude responds:

yeah that was kinda sad wasnt it <:(

Right clicked...

Damn your so smart! I usualy cheat with the right click, but you could have just disabled it, instead of ending the game. Graphics wre okay, but could use some work.

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I can't believe I'm hearing this kind of quality for free. You have talent. I think the title fits the track perfectly, and it inspires imagery, while it keeps you bobbing along.

Nice work

I've never played Runescape, but just seeing this "Evony" add on the side of the page made me feel like this would be an awesome part to the soundtrack of games like those. This is really nice work building from scratch even if it's a remake.

Zadamanim responds:

Glad you liked it! Especially cuz u say i captured the original feel of the song (probably). Hardest part of switching genres to get the same feel out of it, u know?


Lol, it's like the early 90's SNES game version off A Drug Against War. I like it, but I'd like to hear the next version you put out. Definitely need to work on pitch and such in some of the main guitar parts.

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A+ Style

Great work! This has been my desktop background for a month now and everyone who comes over and sees it asks me about it. You need to do more of these..

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